Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is at the core of our organization. And we apply it to all products and services that we provide.

As a result, many of our products and services have been recognized by third-party entities:

  • Benchmark Portal, which is a program from Purdue University’s Center for Customer-Driven Quality, named the Solution Center in Scottsdale, AZ a Certified Center of Excellence.
  • Our distribution services and customer care teams were also recognized recently by HDMA as a merit finalist for the Distribution Management Award 2012.
  • US Oncology Research has participated in the approval of 43 agents by the FDA.
  • Our award-winning Health Economic Outcomes Research publications have been referenced in National guidelines.
  • Several of the REMS developed and managed by McKesson Specialty Health were the first, and often the only ones, to be approved by the FDA.

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