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Technology Expertise & Assets

Our Technology Expertise and Assets are unmatched, including iKnowMed, Lynx and TotalView – all leading technologies in their own right – which are now all linked together.


  • iKnowMed is our award-winning EHR system developed by and for oncologists.
  • It is used by more than 1,100 physicians across more than 400 sites of care and includes over 1.3 million patient records documenting more than 25.9 million patient visits.
  • It includes oncology-specific features such as tumor-staging, multidisciplinary and data-intensive workflow (pathology, lab and imaging), chemotherapy dosing and administration, toxicity assessment and management, clinical trial protocol management, and more.

Lynx Mobile

  • Lynx Mobile is our leading web-based, highly customizable inventory management, charge capture and reporting system.
  • It is used by more than 1,300 physicians in more than 300 practices and includes over 970,000 patient records documenting more than 12.5 million patient visits.
  • It includes accurate and real-time therapy utilization information.

Lynx TotalView and Financial Data Warehouse

  • Lynx TotalView is our unique, web-based tool that captures detailed product usage and reimbursement information.
  • It is used by over 950 providers at 180 sites and includes 2.9 million records.
  • Through Lynx TotalView and our Financial Data Warehouse, we can provide you with real-time information on reimbursement and billing issues.

Our technologies allow us to extract the information that matters to you and summarize it in a format that is simple, compliant with applicable HIPAA privacy and state privacy requirements and allows for informed decision-making.

We have robust Oral Data capabilities including prescription information and refill history for thousands of patients, ask us about it!

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