Accelerated Drug Development Through Scale and Technology

Personalized medicine brings great excitement in cancer treatment and research, but also new challenges. Organizations dedicated to bringing new therapies to market must now screen hundreds, if not thousands of patients to find the few that are appropriate for the investigational agent. At US Oncology Research, we are best positioned to help you face the new challenges of cancer research and accelerate the development of new therapies.

US Oncology Research is one of the largest oncology personalized research organizations in the world, comprising community-based, institutional and academic centers across the country. The size of our network, combined with proprietary technology platforms used across our network, and our innovative research solutions, allows us to screen thousands of patients across our network and expedite trial accruals.

For over 15 years, US Oncology Research has been conducting Phase I-IV trials across a large number of indications including rare tumor types, and has played a role in the approval of 46 agents. We have enrolled more than 55,000 patients in more than 1,300 trials, including more than 1,400 patients into Phase I trials.

Our model is simple:

  • Offer a single contract, budget and IRB review that cover over 1,000 investigators
  • Leverage our award-winning EHR system (iKnowMed) across our network of researchers
  • Form alliances and partnerships across the drug development industry and organize around those opportunities
  • Implement a centralized organizational structure that provides high quality services to our sponsors and investigators

This simple model, coupled with unique and innovative solutions, provides best in class performance across all phases of clinical development.

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